is making a note here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still Alive!

I'm making a note here. Huge success! (Ok, maybe I am a few years behind the times. I will get caught up. Rolith will make sure of that.) I wanted to hop on here and say hi to you guys, we haven't spoken in a while! (Or to be more accurate, I haven't typed at you for a few weeks.)

How've you been? I've been keeping up with you guys on the DF forum and on Twitter, and y'all seem to be having a blast with what's been going on in DragonFable. And let me tell you, it is only going to get BETTER! Much, much, much, WAY better. Rolith would call that a combo-breaker. +1000 pts!

You wouldn't happen to know of an unlucky day coming up anytime soon. Oh, you have? Eeeeexcellent. You just keep an eye on that little square on the calendar, and be sure to keep free of commitments, because you are going to want to be parked behind your computer, Mountain Dew in one hand and mouse in the other.  It's going to be... well. I was an English major. I write for a living. And I am at a loss to describe what is coming up. Get ready to be flabbergasted!



I've got some fun stuff to talk about, too. (Not that DF isn't always fun. But this stuff is offline-fun!) You guys might remember that recently I went to Ireland. I did not meet any Sneevilchauns, but I saw some amazing scenery, multiple double-rainbows (so intense!), and had one of the best times of my life exploring an incredible country.

Only a single rainbow, but still beautiful! Irish skies were smiling!

One of the COOLEST parts of the trip was visiting Blarney Castle. Not only did I get to kiss the Blarney Stone (I levelled up in eloquence!), but I explored all over it. Even the dungeon, which do exist outside of RPGS.

Way in the back there, that is a cell.

I also saw the murder-hole, which is the hole that defenders used to attack invaders. The name pretty much says it all.


One cute story I wanted to tell you guys was about the Ice-cream Eating Collie of the Little Village of Sneem." Sneem was a VERY tiny village (I think it was big enough to be called a village) that the tour bus stopped in. In the village was an excellent ice cream shop. When we got off the bus, we were greeted by a very friendly, very soggy Collie. (It rains a LOT in Ireland.) and he seemed very happy to see us all, wagging his tail and licking our hands.

My mother, sister, and I made sure to get our ice cream cones and came out to enjoy the drizzle. We watched the Collie go from tourist to tourist, local to local, from bus to bus, begging for ice cream. And he got it! I counted 4 cones devoured by the dog. Not the healthiest dog food, but probably the tastiest. The guide told us this is the dog's regular meal-time habit.


I have WAY too many pictures from the trip (over 600!) and so I cannot share them all with you, but I wish I could! And beyond the awesome things I got to experience, my family is Irish-American, and I'd love to take some extra time on the next trip to find long-lost relatives. If you ever get the chance to go to Ireland, I HIGHLY recommend it. It is a country that is hard to describe, but I know that I will definitely be going back there. Many times, if possible.

It is late, and I need to get ready to head back to the Secret Underground Lab in the morning. So I will leave you with this uber-adorable finishing note: Rolith and I adopted a hedgehog last night. His name is Hermie (short for Hermes, because he moves so FAST!) the Hedgehog, and he is too cute for words. Except the ones I just typed. He is cute enough for those words. Here is a pic of him being all grumpy and camera-shy after coming home:

That's all I've got for tonight, but I'll try to come around more often in the future. Even if it's just to say hi and see how you guys are enjoying the game! See you in the DF forums (which I still read every day) and on Twitter!