Friday, May 28, 2010

The Spy of Falconreach revealed!

Who did YOU guess it was?
All week long- and, really, for the past two or three years- you've been debating just WHO Sepulchure has been using as the Spy of Falconreach. People on the forum have made list after lengthy list, crossing out names and putting others in. So far, NO ONE has guessed the identity of the Spy. Some people have been close, but... no one's been completely correct. Even the ending of last week's quest was a bit misleading!

There was a REASON your pets have been attacking!

But that will change THIS WEEK! Finally, FINALLY you'll know who Sepulchure subverted! This week you'll learn the whole story, and it might raise a few more questions than it answers... but that will just leave you more to find out later! Talk to Aria by the Falconreach Inn to start or continue this mini-chain!

Grand Opening of the FalconsNest Zoo!
Head South from Falconreach's town center to enter FalconsNest. The Zoo's entrance is right before the Nitroglycerin Sponge catapault. Once you're inside, look around, gaze at the (relatively) tame monsters that inhiabit the Zoo and, if you're feeling helpful, do the BreakOut at the Zoo quest to help Zookeeper and Head Gorillaphant Wrangler Anoril recapture the monsters which have somehow broken free! Finishing the quest will grant you access to the Zoo's Souvenir Shop, which is full of monster-themed helms for you to wear!

Who doesn't want to look like a Gorillaphant?! I know I do!

DragonFable: Hard Mode is ready for you!
But are YOU ready for IT? Check under your Options tab on the game interface to enable Hard Mode if you're interested in playing DragonFable on a slightly harder scale. It will give you the chance to use more strategies in battle, which means you can REALLY see an armor's skills in action!

In addition, scythes have been fixed so that a scythe's damage type is based on your stats- whichever stat (STR, DEX, or INT) you have as the highest, that's the damage type that your scythes will do! If an armor's skill says that the skill does a certain type of damage, though, the scythe will do THAT damage type instead.

Summer is coming!
And with it the Florida rains! We're typing in a semi-dark Lab right now, because power keeps flickering. I love storms but I love releasing without worrying about a power interruption more! Now, the only problem is how to get to our cars after release without getting soaked!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the release! See you on the forums, Twitter, and Facebook!

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