Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spy of Falconreach information help needed

We could really use your help, guys.
DragonFable is almost five years old and, in those almost-five years, we've put out a LOT of content! The newest content we released last week ties up the loose ends of the identity of Sepulchure's Spy in Falconreach.

We are going to take Grams out of the Pet Shop in Falconreach (we should have done that LAST week, but we ... forgot. Whoops!) and put Aria in her place. We'll also be adding the two Spy quests there. We'd ALSO like to add in ALL the quests/cutscenes where the Spy is mentioned. We think that'd go a long way towards helping new players understand what just happened these last few weeks.

There've been a few places in-game where we've mentioned the Spy. Do you know them all? (Who's going to be the first to list them all? We know you guys remember!)

Helpers get a slice of Internet Cake!

You can list where you've found mentions of the spy here, and we'll look through it and put together the quests today, and release the new pet shop this week.

What's coming this week?
We've got a whole slew of things planned for this week, starting with today!

  • Tuesday: Snuggles and Cuddles pets are being sold for Dragon Coins in Cysero's Superstore of Savings RIGHT NOW!
  • Wednesday: The new Pet Shop with all the in-game information about the Spy of Falconreach
  • Friday: a release full of new content and rewards (more on that in tomorrow's Design Notes)!
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