Monday, June 8, 2015

Shined Up Scales

Greetings! Tomorrow is a very big day for all of us on the DF team. It's DF's 9th Birthday! If you count it all up, that's around 468 releases since DF first launched! (give or take a few) Last year we gave you all the final 3 Primal Forms that you were missing, and this year we wanted to do something just as big. Your first gift of the week is a revamp of the dragon pets and guests! Yep, that's right! I worked on getting the coding inside them all cleaned up, bugs fixed and everything adjusted, while Verly worked on all the hidden stuff in the Engine to make it all work right with the new coding.

The pet has been changed so that ALL of the skills are able to activate with just 1 point placed into a skill. They scale though, so the more points you invest the better the effect!

The guest got a major overhaul, more so than the pet. It now no longer does the random effects on a basic attack. You can now CHOOSE which skill tree you want to use with the buttons on the left side. These have dynamic cooldowns though based on the strength of the effect, just like a normal guest has, but the direct control of "I need a heal or shield" or "I really need a nerf this turn" is very powerful considering it has more effects than any other guest in the game. You'll also notice a few buttons on the right side. These are capstone skills. You must have fully trained a skill tree, 200 points trained, to unlock these. They will do an even MORE powerful combination effect based on the lower effects in the tree but, they have slightly longer cooldowns to make up for it.

The dragon skill training panel has also recieved a large facelift. This took a bit for me to do since I'm not an artist but, with advice from Niki and Verly on what should be on the panel, I constructed something that should give you all the info about the skills you'll need! (The progress bar at the top was not fun to get working right. So much numbering. T.T)

The changes to the pets and guests should give you a nice little boost in terms of overall survivablity and hopefully you like the changes we made to them. I know I spent waaaaayyyy longer on these than I thought I would have had to, but they work a lot better now then they did before code wise. This isn't all though! Oh no. We have several other gifts and things planned for this week! The quest we have planned for Friday is going to be extra epic as well. It may not be Friday the 13th, but that's a good thing considering what you're going to get to do! Geo won't like it if I spoil too much though! I'll see you guys on Wednesday with another surprise!

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