Thursday, October 27, 2011

Candy Scaredcrow

That poor candy scaredcrow can't ever go outside or the birds will eat him! Luckily, he seems to have a flair for hair.... With tomorrow's release he's going to have ten new hairstyles in the Croft barbershop! Remember though, Croft is a seasonal town... so these spooky styles will fade back into the mist eventually... at least until the Cauldron Sisters come again.

Mogloween is Coming!
Are you ready for a scary Monday?* This weekend you'll be defending Croft from an invading force of zardbies! Will you be able to keep the town safe? Who do you think the big boss zardbie is going to be? Most importantly, will the Sisters be able to finish making the candy cure in time?

Limited Quantity Shop
Tomix is making a special zardbie themed scythe for Monday! More info will come soooooooon!

*You guys don't know scary until you see Rolith before he has his coffee Monday morning....