Monday, August 8, 2011

DragonFable Secrets #1

Ancient screenshots uncovered from the vault.

While doing a major backup of all my files*, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of original AE game files and graphics... including prototypes and original art for DragonFable! As we are only weeks away from the epic finale of DragonFable's Chapter 1, I thought you might enjoy some behind the scenes secrets of how this amazing game came to be.

DragonFable Prototype

At first, we were trying to add a walk-around-engine to the original AdventureQuest. The code was written by a awesome player named Tynril. But, a lot of players felt it changed AdventureQuest's play style too much. So we decided to build a new web game from the ground up to support this play style.... with all new, original graphics and a deep storyline. A lot of people thought we were going to fail. But we were really confident that we were making something truly special. This is about the time that Zhoom joined AE. He wrote the code that z-ordered objects on the screen. Although... there were some problems**. In my next post I will show you what Dragonfable ALMOST looked like. Until tomorrow... Battle On!

* 10 gold says he accidentally deleted more files than he backed up.
** We want to see!!!