Friday, September 17, 2010

Ravenloss, Willowshire, and some wicked shops!

Yarrrr!  Talk like a pirate day is almost here, me hearties!  And we've got a hearty release for you because of it!  Lift up your eyepatch, because you'll want to read this with BOTH eyes to make sure you don't miss any of the details!

Return to Ravenloss

First up is the Ravenloss quest! You'll need to head back underground and talk to Tomix to start the Dark Tower Penitentiary quest.  Once you venture into this prison, you might find yourself con-vinced that you need to get out, because it's a dark and dismal place; NOT somewhere you want to be without the key to leave!

And speaking of Keys, you're on the lookout for the Icicle Key! (And the Bolt Key, which you never found in the last quest.) It'd be thrilling AND chilling for you to find it here in the prison, because that means you're one step closer to getting into Pellow Village with Tomix. And don't forget about Riadne! She's a prisoner of the Chaosweavers, and they're not likely to want to let her escape!

Rewards will be:

  • Black ChaosWeaver Guard Helm (your face turns into a blackened ChaosWeaver head)
  • ChaosWeaver Guard Helm
  • Verne's Steampunk Blade
  • Verne's Steampunk Staff
  • Verne's Steampunk Dagger

The weapons come in levels 20, 33, and 53 and are Metal element.

Willowshire awaits!

And don't forget to check out Willowshire!  We've got a new, small quest which advances the storyline and provides new information!  We'll soon be focusing on this area of Lore, so you'll definitely want to make sure to stay up to date on the releases there!

If it's been a while since you brushed up on it's story, why not go and battle Gorgok or have a chat with Lord Valorus?  Now's a great time to catch up!

Rhubarb says "Ahoy!"

Yarrrr!  Sunday be "Talk Like a Pirate" Day, and Rhubarb's ship is docked in Falconreach Bay to celebrate! You can find him by Serenity's Inn in Falconreach with THREE shops full of booty-tastic loot to swap for your gold doubloons!  (If you don't HAVE any gold doubloons, you'll either need to swab a few decks or get out there and get battlin'!)

All Seasonal Rare weapons from last Talk Like a Pirate Day have been tagged as 2009 weapons, and new versions (including a higher level) have been made and tagged as 2010 versions.  Rhubarb's piratical pets are back, as well, so if you love those Pirate Monkeys, now's your chance to bring one aboard as a crewmember of your very own!  The Pirate Monkey pets ALSO got a new level: there is now the Pirate Monkey Admiral (level 60)!

For a comprehensive list of TLAPD seasonal rares, just look down:

  • Pirate Monkey/ Pirate Captain/ Pirate Admiral pets
  • Sea's Favor/Sea's Blessing/Sea's Bounty 2010 versions I,II,III
  • Prismatic Matey's Cap (matches your armor's base color) (sold for Dragon Coins)
  • Mirroed Matey's Cap (mathes your armor's trim color) (sold for Dragon Coins)
  • Red, Green, White, Blue, and Black Matey's Caps

And on Sunday (the real Talk Like a Pirate Day) we'll have a brand new pet: the Piratical Parrot! (Lim needs time to finish the animation)

That's not ALL that'll be new on Sunday, either!  Lim's given you 24 hours to suggest ideas (or submit art) for a new set of Wood weapons! These will be the Player Suggestion Shop weapons.  While we have a TON of great ideas in the Suggestions board thread, we want Wood weapon suggestions specifically so that we can fill in some gaps in the weapons selection. It's been a long, long time since we had some new Wood weapons.

It's a BIG release this week full of bountify, bootyful loot and brand new quests!  So what are you doing still reading the Design Notes? Log in and get questing!

See you on Sunday when I update the Design Notes with news of the new items! 

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