Friday, December 2, 2011

Lots of Random Things!

Lots and lots and lots!

Frist of all a new version of Swordhaven is up! The Guard Captain has two new random quests, with more to come next week. Fight your way through the forests and marshes around Swordhaven and collect revamped versions of weapons that dropped from the original randoms!

Ohhhh, pretty!

The residential section is also open, as well as a new shop with adorable Sewer Pets in the Market!

They flying city of Dragonsgrasp also got an update this week with a brand new house item shop! Just find your way to the Inn and the continue going left past the guard with the polearm. A brand new house style (NINE rooms!*) and lots of new house items await you there!

*Hallways included!

Tags: #geopetal