Monday, March 28, 2011

Project C8H10N4O2

Hey guys! I’m here to spill a surprise for you guys!

Lucky week was an undoubted huge success! You guys had 5 days of constant releases and we were working harder than I could possibly imagine us working. That said, as I was lying in bed that Friday Night, I wondered... What could I do to top that?

Well let’s just say I have had a bit of a breakthrough.

How? Why? Well we are going to keep the specifics of this new toolset a secret, but C8H10N4O2 is its project name. C8 for short.

I revealed the inner workings of the project for the team and alarmingly they liked it. They liked it a LOT. This Friday is going to be a lot of work for everyone involved. True Mortal, Ghost, Tomix, Alina, and Geopetal are all gearing up for a long week of prep work before we give the system a test run.

Why do I get the dreadful feeling of doom filling the air? Or is that just the coffee talking?

Tags: #Rolith