Friday, December 5, 2014

Pirates vs Ninjas War!


Tonight we've got something pretty awesome for you all! (So awesome it broke and we've been scrambling to fix it! As part of it you'll need to check your character page to see personal waves done. Sorry, we tried to get that displaying correctly in game but two sided wars really mess with stuff. =/)

As part of the class revamps, I wanted to make sure something as large as the constant dispute between Pirates and Ninjas wasn't set off by me deciding which to revamp first. YOU get to decide! The winner of this war will get their class revamped first, in January, along with a few surprises that I'll be cooking up! The losing side WILL get revamped, but it will be much later and won't get the fancy extra stuff!

There was a small miscommunication earlier this week and I didn't get the script to Tomix in time for him to do his normal awesome animations and such for the intro quest and the war boss quest. I went ahead and flexed the small animation muscles I have and did those for you! Hopefully you like them! That extra time allowed Tomix to not only get 4 Chrono-Z helms done but he's also finishing up the Winter version of Falconreach! (My screw up is good for you guys!)

No matter which side you're on, Pirate or Ninja, remember that this is all in good fun! Have fun with it! I look forward to seeing how the war goes and designing some awesome abilities for you all to use!


Hey there, Tomix here!

I just wanted to let you know that the winter-touched Falconreach will go live sometime this weekend.


ALSO... the ChronoZ helms are (finally) in game!

Head to Cysero's shop and grab them!


ALSO also, the Thankstaking book will be disappearing on Monday!