Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Contest Winners!

From Eric Greydawn:

Yokai Uprising Book Two  

Soldiers Journal  

It happened early this morning. A huge black panther raced into the village. It was being pursued by a large Oni. Kensai Greydawn grinned wolfishly as the Oni came in, and stepped into a battlestance. The Oni froze then started laughing. A quick slash from his nodachi into the thin air was the Kensai’s response. The Oni opened his mouth to laugh then started coughing blood. Somehow, from across a distance, Kensai Greydawns strike hit home, but I do not understand how. The Panther turned and leapt into the air taking the Oni down the rest of the way. Thorn raced across the village and stopped in front of the panther. For a moment it seemed almost as if they were conversing, then the panther turned and padded across the square and sat down in front of Kensai Greydawn. The panther seems to have attached himself to Kensai Greydawn. His name is Tsumedo.  

Congratulations to Lady_Dragonrider for providing the winning name. 

Runners Up

Axemeus for Tachi 
SeventhSword2 for Musashi 
Shaiyal for Chiyo
Asgardian Ferret for Bak Hira 
Discipline for Nakitai 

Honorable Mention:

Lady Greydawn for bringing back memories of the coolest cat to ever stride through my life.  Lester was my cat for fifteen years, and never failed to bring the laughter into our lives.  

Thank you all for your submissions.  You all have such clever ideas!  

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