Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sneak Peeks of the Nythera class

Do you remember what she did LAST Summer?!
If you haven't played the first half of the Nythera Saga, head to Warlic's zone and talk to his purple-pated apprentice! You'll soon learn she talks a LOT, is assured of her superiority, and absolutely hates doing mundane tasks. That's where YOU come in!

You got to play AS Nythera, and we're bringing back that functionality, in a slightly different way this Summer! You'll still be loading the Nythera class, but it will be a NEW Nythera class, completely remastered thanks to Tomix's hard work!

This time around Nythera isn't tackling any higher powers, she's just trying to regain HER powers! You'll start the class off with some basic attacks as well as the elemental skills that she's learned while acting as Warlic's apprentice:

Her wind attack will blow you away!

Over the course of the quest chain, Nythera will unlock NEW skills as she regains more and more of her magic! And it won't be just ANY magical skills she unlocks, but her Dragon and Void magic powers, so you'll definitely want to play to see what she can get up to using THAT kind of magic!

New Pet Shop coming to Falconreach on Friday!
With the revelations we've had recently about Grams, it's time that she was removed from the Falconreach Pet Shop. In her place, Aria will be taking over! We'll also have the "Spy of Falconreach" quests available for you to play through so that future players can see the treachery of Sepulchure!

DragonFable's birthday is coming up!
As you guys have already noticed on the forums (man, you guys are QUICK!), DragonFable's birtthday is coming up in a few weeks! For the first birthday, we released the baby dragon pets. Last year we released toddler dragons as pets and guests.

The big quest is, what do you want THIS year? We've got a few ideas, but we really want to see what YOU guys come up with! Be sure to post your ideas in the Design Notes thread on the forum!

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