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Monday, March 21, 2011

Break into Spring with some Design Notes!

Welcome to Spring! Yesterday was the first day of Spring, and boy, have some fun things sprung up around here in DragonFable!

Last week was the Feature-a-Day Lucky Week when we introduced a whole host of the most awesome features we could pack into five (very long) days! Rolith coded his little monkey fingers to the bone, but got a bunch of banans for each new string of binary he wrote. (That's a LOT of bananas, because there was a TON of code!)

And last Friday we released the insane new demo-preview-premiere-"other exciting word" of the Player Content Creation System and boy, was it a HUGE step forward in DragonFable's game play. YOU guys are going to be the game designers once we have this system fully up and running!

We didn'nt get as much of it finished as we wanted to last week, but that will be changing over the next couple of weeks. THIS week Rolith is going to try to get cutscenes done so that you can actually tell a story with your quest. Forum question: Which NPC do you want to be the first NPC included in cutscenes: Valencia, Cysero, or Robina?

Also this week we'll have a Verteroche quest for you (it's about time that town got roche'in!)! You're a hero and sometimes a guardian, but you don't really do any guarding! That should change this week if we get everything done that we want to! 

And start saving up for a Dragon Coin shop that's going to come out on Friday! True Mortal has been inspired by the sun shining, the bluebirds singing, and the ringing of hammers on anvils that echoes from Yulgar's shop, not to mention all the Spring rains that will shortly be pouring down upon us. So what better element to flood you with than a Water set?

PS: March 23rd, if you have ANY UPGRADED AE GAME ACCOUNT linked to your AE Master Account, you can try Alpha Phase 3 of HeroSmash w/ POWERS! It's a chance for ALL upgraded members to smash heroes or pound villains! What more could you want?!

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