Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Frostval!

The stockings have been hung on the super-fortified boundry fence patrolled by fierce togs with care...

It's going to have to be a stealthy Frostval this year if you want in!

Poor Togtog was taken down too soon by that rogue ice golem. Tomix has worked hard to create a nice, cozy one room house for you to enjoy.

Sorry about the smell, but it'll keep you nice and warm this Frostval season. It shouldn't be so bad inside if you fung shui the organ furniture that Tomix and Dracelix are making!

Frostvale Break-In
The only way you're getting in Frostvale this holiday season is if you break in! Rolith has gone crazy overboard protecting the moglins this year and you have to make sure he doesn't keep out all the holiday cheer as well. You're going to have to get past his packs of roving togs first.... Better hope you can make it through!

This week's release is slated for... tomorrow! The Underground Lab is shutting down for it's own de-togging over the holidays (we can only do that when Rolith is out of town, so it's the perfect time right now.) so look for the new quest, hopefully*, tomorrow! There's a lot to do, so back to work I go to make sure the release isn't too late....