Friday, December 18, 2015

Ice Cream Invasion!

Chapter 10 in the Frostval Storybook has begun! A mass of sticky, sweet, fishy sweets is headed towards Frostvale! It's... honestly, not really that dangerous. The smell, though... the smell is not good.

Who could be behind this? I mean... you already know who's behind this. You just gotta work your way through several courses of strawberry and fish sundaes to try and find the little guy. Good luck....

DragonFable Ice Cream Invasion

Icemaster Yeti is bravely consuming as much ice cream as he can north of town but the east is being overwhelmed! Are you ready to buckle down and dig in?

Be careful, though, the more waves of sugary sweets that you down, the fuller you're gonna get and the fuller you are... the harder it's going to be to take out the Ultimate Dessert at the end!

The Jwealouswy cutscene will be coming soon! How many sweets can you guys take out before I serve the quest up?

Ancient Weapons
A long time ago, in a galaxy super duper far away, ancient and powerful weapons were forged. Those weapons have mysteriously found their way to the DragonFable Universe and can be found in your Book of Lore among the celebration shops! If you feel a force awakening within you... don't worry, it's perfectly natural. Just be really careful arguing with any mentors around active volcanoes and don't shoot first in any cantinas.

Black Friday Shops
This will be the last weekend to get the dark deals in those special shops! They'll disappear at the beginning of next week! (Don't worry, though, the 10th Anniversary Shops will remain! With a frosty addition!)

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