Is melting!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm in Florida!

..and ohmagawsh, I am melting. This is my first time meeting any of the AE team, and it's been a really cool experience. On the way home from the office today I am so totally picking up some ice to duct tape to my head though. Srsly.

Anyways, in DF last week we saw some spoilerrific events that I won't even mention cause dude you have to play it.. and now you've probably figured our final job in the Earth Orb saga will be to hide the treasured Blade of Awe!  Which means.. that no you will not be able to keep the sword. It's too important that it remains as far away from Seppy as possible.  But!  Before you say "Awe, man!".. True Mortal has whipped up some KILLER weapons inspired by the Blade of Awe, and we're going to give them an awe-inspiring special attack!


We also have a very cool new system written into this week's quest that I am sure you guys will love. This will be very different than every other quest in the game! Seeya Friday!  ~Ghost

Hide the Blade of Awe


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