Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Hero's Heart Day!

This year we're doing something different for Hero's Heart Day! Something sinister, evil and very, very tricky... muahahahahaha! Eric has helped out by writing a set of clues. Clues that you'll have to follow to find out just exactly who the mastermind is behind the threat to Hero's Heart Day!

You'll have to decipher 22 different clues and figure out which quest it refers to and then find the new monster in each of those quests! Once you find and defeat the new, threatening monster, you'll take it prisoner and drag it back to the Forest of Infinite Terror so Sir Stephan can question it and get the next clue.... Will you be able to find them all and make it to the Boss?

You guys can work together on the forums but make sure to use spoiler tags! If anyone is still having trouble Monday, the list of quests will appear in the DNs! Can you find and beat the boss before then?

This is officially the weirdest HHD ever! ;) Have fun and BattleOn!