Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Thankstaking!

This week we dug through all our old holiday folders and managed to cobble together a.... Thankstaking Storybook! Yay! You can go back and fight the Techno-Turkey Terror and the Rawrgobble or get shrunken down and explore a particularly giant feast! Have fun and enjoy!

This year for Thankstaking, two new M.O.P. members are guarding Oishii's secret instructions for cooking the feast! Well, not really instructions... but, you'll see. I really hope that nothing goes wrong 'cause then you guys would probably have to fight waves and waves of stuff.... ;)

True Mortal has made this gorgeous weapon for next week's Thankstaking finale too! The axe is the first complete weapon of what will be a set of three.

Dracelix is hard at work on Book 3 Surewood as well! It's not done yet, but here's a little preview to tide you guys over for now.


Pyromancer Barber
Yonathan is not quite ready to open shop yet. He is coming soon though, with 11 male hairstyles and 11 female hairstyles. Remember, though, only Pyromancer's will be able to stand the heat inside his shop!