Monday, January 4, 2016

It's 2016!

Happy 2016! On the first Monday of the New Year of our tenth anniversary year... we're bringing you the icy Elvgorian Glacier scythe! Fashioned by True Mortal after the ancient glacial blades of the long lost Elgorian tribe we hope you'll enjoy stopping your enemies cold with it!

The Elvgorians were known to chant as they worked!

As this is our tenth anniversary year, the previous New Years shops are also available in the Celebration Shops section of your Book of Lore! Whether you want to make a few new resolutions, sharpen a crystal edge, or just party through all of 2016, you have a chance to grab them all this month!

Fun Found Flash Files
I was digging through the folders today and found some really neat files that have the art for all the original items compiled in them! It's pretty awesome to see where DragonFable drops began and then check out how the style and art has evolved when you look at the newest item above!

Let us know what your favorite DragonFable item is on the forums!