Thursday, February 9, 2017

This Month: Hero's Heart Day Returns

Love is in the air this month! All our seasonal Hero’s Heart Day events and reward items will return soon as we celebrate one of Lore's most lovely holiday events of the year.

Big Daddy is waiting with a lovely lineup of returning releases!

  • Chapter 1: You MUST Deliver the SnuggleGrams!
  • Chapter 2: The Heart of Darkness waits for you
  • Chapter 3: Love letters and a Change of Heart
  • Chapter 4: The Greatest Hug of All!
  • Chapter 5: The Threat List?!

Wait... WHO is Big Daddy?

Shut yo' mouth! The Big D is the mastermind behind all the Snuggle-Grams that get delivered on Hero's Heart Day. He's also a huge proponent of using the environment for marketing -- that's why you see the Forest of Infinite Terror change into the Forest of Lovely Hearts. 

Lovely Gear Returns

Complete quests to earn Tokens of Affection, then use them in Big Daddy's Hero's Heart shop to get your gauntlets on seasonal rare gear. 

  • Heartbreaker set
  • Ex's Caliber Mark 1, 2, and 3 sets
  • The Burning Love and Crimson Heart set
  • Shattered Love set
  • Separation, Division, Dissolution
  • Heartache, Heartbreak, and Heartburn set

And yes... you will also be able to battle in the SnuggleBear armor! Only available during the Hero's Heart Day event, this beary sweet armor originally released back in 2007, when the team was testing Class armors. We got a flood of requests from you guys to keep using it, so... The SnuggleBear Helm was released! Click on that to transform into the SnuggleBear!