Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Grenwog!

I hope everyone is having a pleasant Grenwog! The special Grenwog shops are now live. This year we have a special Grenwog Cave House* (for those of you who prefer rocks to walls!) created by Ghost and a special Grenwog Egg cape and helms from Tomix. The cape and helm will show a different dragon egg design everytime you reload your character! Tomix has added some new ones too... how many are there now?

There is also a new item in the normal "Stuff" shop through Cysero's Orb. The Grenwog Egg Clutch will (/cough as long as I don't forget /cough) go rare will the rest of the items though!

Enjoy the rest of your Grenwog and BattleOn!

*Note: If you use a background with the house it will be camoflagued on the outside! Rolith will work on getting the Grenwog's house Cave Stealthing Unit disabled. ;)

Tags: #geopetal