Monday, June 7, 2010

Ghostly foes, Nythera grows, and laptop woes

Poetry is nice, it adds a little spice.
I wanted to make this Design Notes post ALL in rhyme*, but the people at the in the Secret Underground Labthrew things at me**. Sadface!

I am typing this on the backup-spare-extra-auxiliary laptop, which I have named Glimmer because it is so shiny. My normal laptop came back from the store where it was getting repaired but was still broken! We booted it up and it kept typing tttttttttttt, even after they replaced the keyboard. Fail!

But on to happier news, like what we'll be releasing this week!

Release news so you're not confused!
Hey, hey, guess what? We're releasing things this Friday! Surprise!

Of course, if you've been around for a while, you know we release things EVERY Friday, but you won't know what until I tell you! Which I'm going to do right now. So get ready to get informed! (You might want to write this down, because it's pretty awesome.)

  • The first quest in the second part of the Nythera Saga! Learn about the existence of the Void and- if Warlic will take you- try to travel there!
  • DragonsGrasp gets a makeover, which should help un-confuse few people who are perplexed by the town's layout, and more/new dialogue!
  • Captain Rolith will offer a text-parser quest in Oaklore based on an old arcade-style game! (Think of something similiar to the text-adventure from the Water Orb Saga, but with walkaround maps!)


It's going to be a GOOD week, I can feel it! Geopetal has a secret project she's working on, which is why she's not putting out a quest this week, but with Rolith's quest, you'll still have two to do this weekend!

DragonLord birthday present, week TWO!
Whoops! I almost forgot to mention this. Thanks MegaMage! We WILL have another birthday present to celebrate DragonFable's birthday (which is this week!)

The gift this week is one that you've been asking for since the birthday release TWO YEARS ago! (And if that's not a good enough hint, you'll just have to wait and see what's in the gift box!) Lim will be working on the gift tomorrow, and we'll have it ready for you this week. Enjoy speculatinjg!h

DragonFable contest judging continues!
We're working on it! The forum moderators are awesome and went through all the FORTY-FIVE pages of posts. And at 25 posts a page, we have over 1100 entries! And at around 5 to 8 names an entry, that's a LOT of reading!

We will try to get the long list made by the moderators into a short list we can pick the final winners from! Remember that we will always reward creativity that goes above and beyond the normal contest-amazingness!

See you on the forums, Twitter, and Facebook!

*My character in Rolith's role-playing game spoke all in rhyme. It drove Lim's character crazy but was a REALLY fun challenge to try and pull off!
** Throwing nerf missiles by hand is ineffective but still sends your message loud and clear, Beleen!

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