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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Outbreak Spreads!

Resident Sneevil: Genesis!

Last week in Resident Sneevil: Outbreak, you discovered the cause of the Zard Invasion in Moonridge! Or... DID you?  What you saw is only the tip of the iceberg- no, that's not the right idiom for this event.  I think we'll go with: What you saw is only the wrapper on the candy!  There's SO much more to discover inside! Yeah, that sounds better; much more seasonally-appropriate!

And in THIS week's quest, Resident Sneevil: Genesis, you'll have to investigate where all these NEW mutations are coming from!  Those spotted creatures LOOK familiar, but... not themselves!  It looks like something- or some VIRUS- has gotten to them!  Track their trails to see where they lead; you're looking for the source of the infestation and if you're very careful- and keep some hand sanitizer and a hospital-grade facemask close by- maybe you won't get infected along with all these new monsters!

As for what you'll find once you reach your destination, we're not going to spoil THAT surprise!  There've been some guesses on the forum, but I haven't seen anyone guess correctly yet. Don't worry, you won't have long to wait to find out who's behind all this! (We're sure you've waited longer at the Doctor's office.  This is MUCH more fun, and with WAY fewer chances of having to get a shot!)

The Tortoise and the Hare, Sort of

We've ALSO got a Clashening quest for you this week!  Lim is bound and determined to advance your education in SCIENCE! and this week he's got a really interesting lesson for you! So interesting the quest opens on your character sleeping through his lecture. But it gets really good really fast when Lim introduces his visual aids!  He's got a demonstration for you, and it stars the Rabbitizer 6000 Mach 2 and Cysero's Mail Carrier Turtle!

You'll need to clear a path to the finish line for the turtle and the (mechanical) hare, because one of them has to win, right?  That sleepy-eyed turtle is so adorable (thanks to Ghost!) that I can't stop watching him.  And YOU shouldn't either!  Every tiny, plodding, sloooooow step is another inch forwards in a rush of cute!

Brand new Player Suggestions Weapons!

Be sure to stop by Serenity's Inn to talk to our lovely Innkeeper because she's got some brand-new weapons made just for you by your fellow heroes!  Tokijin's crafted an amazing Light Scythe and Clyde has put togther a full set of sword, daggers, and wand all in the Light element!  They're levels 55, 45, 31 (and the scythe comes in all those levels, plus level 20)!

Brand-new wallpapers!

Everyone is scared of Rolith for one reason or another, right?  Some of you are scared of his mad coding skills in the Togicides.  Some of you cower in fear when he hands you a pretty wrapped present and says "I got this just for you!"  (Oh... wait.  That's probably just me.)  But the point IS, people are frightened of our banana-munching, keyboard-flailing codemonkey!  And to remedy that, we've come out with a BRAND-NEW wallpaper just for you at our wallpaper site!  So all you Rolith-fans and frenziers, get ready to watch him FROLIC!

You know, I never realized how much "Rolith" sounds like "frolic" until we made this wallpaper.  Gives you something to think about, doesn't it?

And check out our wallpaper site for ANOTHER new wallpaper: the TART team, starring the Cauldron Sisters in their Special Ops outfits!  If you're on a Tactical Assault and Reconnaissance Team (or just wish you were), then this is the perfect desktop wallpaper for you!

Artix spilled the beans about a DF release!

You know Artix, he just can't keep a secret! (And to be fair, WE have a really hard time of doing that, too!)  But on the AQWorlds Design Notes, he mentioned that Lim (who works out of the lab now that he's back in school for his Masters in Game Design) was in the Secret Underground Lab today recording his lines for an upcoming event in DragonFable with... George Lowe!

That's right, George Lowe (THE famous voice actor from your favorite cartoons. Yes, THAT George Lowe!), Lim, Cysero, and a host of other characters will have parts in our first-ever voice-acting event!

This titan-sized event will be one you won't want to miss, but you WILL have to wait for, since it's not scheduled until November! (We can't wait, either! SQUEAL!  Well, since we like you guys, I suppose we could share some more information about it on Monday... MAYBE! :p)

Oh, and be sure to check out AdventureQuest Worlds BIG BIRTHDAY BASH happening RIGHT NOW at! It stars Paul and Storm with a cameo appearance by Jonathon Coulton!  And there are a TON of never-available-again RARES to collect!

That's it for this week, guys!  Have a GREAT weekend and enjoy the release! Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but only YOU can prevent Zard invasions!

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