Friday, January 20, 2012

Fury Unleashed

The next True Mortal quest is here! This week's quest is a cutscene teaser. Very soon you guys will have to help True Mortal quest for the other gates! Log in now to learn more about the mysterious guardian and what secrets he holods inside himself!

The blacksmith shop is open in Swordhaven! Visit the newly opened shop and trade in a lost amulet for one of the Purified Guard's Weapons!

The Swordhaven Fields random is now available from the Guard Captain as well! In addition to some of the previously redone weapons, the Fields also have a chance to drop a redone version of The Scourge axe.

Rift War: NEW Challenge
Over 4 million waves have been defeated in Rift War! As a new War Challenge, can you guys defeat the remains of the infernal army by Thurday, January 26th, 6pm server time? If you can... some impish pets may await you as rewards!

Tags: #geopetal