Friday, December 30, 2011

Frostval Follies and Frantic Fighting!

Merry Frostval, Heroes!*

It is wonderful to see you all again, and at such a joyous time of year! But I must admit, I am sore vexed with you. WHAT have you done to ROLITH?! For months, he'd be fine day in and day out. But when a chill wind blew or a moglin crossed his path, he'd get a look in his eye. A dangerous glint. And I knew Trouble was coming. He loves those moglins as much as he does those dratted, raucous togs of his.

He didn't want Chilly to catch a cold!

And you killed his TogTog. His most beloved, cherished TogMount. I near wept to see him so heartbroken. All he was trying to do was protect those moglins! I know it's not your fault they get attacked every year! But sometimes Rol just gets... fixated. He finds a project or an idea - like revamping the Keep - and just goes all out. Right now, it's protecting those moglins.

I've NEVER seen him THIS angry! This is his RAGE face.

He did everything he could to make their time in his Safety Camp fun, frolicful, and Frostval-y. I mean, he even did that silly Silly Hat thing! Do you KNOW how many times I pricked my fingers sewing those hats? ... They ARE pretty adorable, though. I hope you'll keep yours! But then you had to test him. Didn't you trust that he'd keep his moglin friends safe? Rol is the gentlest Captain I know. I've never SEEN that expression on his face before!

You HIT my Fiance!** Ooooh, if we weren't such good friends, hero...

I know you are charged with protecting Lore. You have a destiny to fulfill and without you, we'd all be doomdust ground beneath villains' heels. I see you almost every day, making your potions, crafting your helms and hats... We're good friends, aren't we? But Hero, let me just be clear. My Sees-All Solution - the one that shows the future - showed me something that was NOT very merry!

Attacking Rolith was just... MEAN! He was only trying to help the moglins. So he was a bit misguided. A little delusional. We all have bad months, right?

Merry FrostRol to all, and to all some good loot!

I don't know if we can come to an understanding, but I will continue to hope. It is Frostval, after all! Please, Hero, remember that Rolith has been your long-time friend. Do not hurt him if you can help it! In the spirit of Frostval, forgive and let live. The moglins are safe, the Togs (all except TogTog *sniff*) are rolling in the snow and enjoying Gorillaphant Rawhide Treats.

Let's all come together to celebrate the season! And speaking of celebrating... I'd take a look at your backpack if I were you! Seems to me your presents might deserve a looksee or two.

Merry Frostval from the DragonFable team, and all of us at Artix Entertainment!***

* With Rolith suffering from the Plague, I thought I'd hop back onto the DF team for a night and help him get this release out. Sorry about the Saturday morning release, but we hope you enjoy Frostval!
Rolith definitely plans on making the boss battle harder. But right now he's mumbling incoherently about lemons, rawhide, and presents, so I'm sending him to bed.

*** Be sure to keep an eye on the AQW Design Notes! Artix is going to make a big "AE Year in Review" post later today!

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