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Friday, May 13, 2011


The sun is high in the sky over the new Falconreach skyline as today’s halfway point comes and goes.  Just stopping in during the massive day of coding to review what’s come out and what’s coming this weekend of the Friday the 13th.

We started out yesterday releasing the brand new Falconreach center of town.  This is the first step in the renovations that will continue moving forward, assuming of course Sepulchure’s forces don’t level all the hard work.

This morning, I released a couple of small fixes to the town.  Most notably, the Mysterious Stranger has decided that keeping only nighttime hours might cause more confusion then interest.  I also want to clarify something.  Player to player Item trading is not going to happen at the auction house.  We have plans for many fun things to happen in the auctionhouse, but we’re not going to implement a trading system in DragonFable.  

Tomorrow Morning at 7am we’re going to put out the The Miasmal Set live in our first Limited Quantity shop.  The supply will be EXTREAMLY limited, only 1666 of these items total will be produced, costing 333DCs each and once they’re gone, they’re GONE. If you want one of these amazing weapons drawn and animated by Lim be sure to be there.

A lot of you liked the potions our Royal Alchemist Alina mentioned yesterday, and it pleases me to announce that she and I are going to work over this weekend to produce trinket versions of these tinctures which will be DA only and redeemable for Defenders Medals as the war progresses. 

That leaves us with later today: Friday the 13th, and like clockwork of some insidious machine a new horde of undead is again ready to ride towards us.  But no, this feels different.  We have faced hordes beyond counting and beaten back every force the dark powers of LORE have thrown at us but there is something wrong here.  A spark of nervous energy permeates the air.  You can almost taste big things are afoot that will shape the future of our lands for generations.  This Friday is one that no one in LORE will ever forget.

If they live long enough to remember it.  

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