Thursday, June 18, 2015

Exp And A Curse That Never Was

Greetings! Just wanted to give you all a heads up on a couple of things.

First off, I've just updated the Exp Curve for Exp Needed to Next Level for 60-80. This means that it won't take as long to level up anymore at the higher levels. It'll still take a while, but this should hopefully make it less of a pain to do so. No, this does not mean the Level Cap is going up any time soon. I just wanted to make it less of a hassle as many of you were complaining it took far too long, and those complaints were justified.

Many of you were also expecting a curse after the loss of the last war. There was an issue getting it in place. The short version is the curse coding itself works, along with the temp item to remove it per login, and the coding to make it scale based on your level. However the coding to actually SHOW when it's working doesn't because of how the game was originally designed. Due to that I decided to not turn it on at all. While I could have turned it on at any point, it was not fair to do if you didn't KNOW it was happening. That, combined with the reaction to the other event that occured during the war (which honestly drew a lot bigger of a response than any of us thought...because for some reason the bread lady with no previous character development AT ALL was important to a lot of you), meant that it wasn't something I felt should happen. If it could have been made to work we would have, but I didn't want to release something that only worked halfway. We'll come up with something else for later wars and I'll keep working on other possible ways to show that things are affecting your character.

Tags: #Ashendal