Friday, September 23, 2011

New Monster Hunt in Hunter's Paradise!



Karina from Hunter's Paradise has sent you a message! 


This is a bad one, hero.. I need your skills again!

There is a beast that dwells deep in the Sandsea that has been causing havoc recently. Barrats are luring the villagers out into the harsh desert with their hypnotic cries. At night, the creatures sing to their victims in their dreams and cause them to wander into the wastes where the hungry Barrats await them!  Please help the people of the Sandsea! 


If you are brave enough to help fend off the barrats, travel to Hunter's Paradise and talk to Karina. Every hunter is needed! You can sell to her all the pelts you collect for some quick gold, or you could try to find somebody to make new gear out of it!*  Lots of new items await you! 

* Psst, I hear that there's a guy around Hunter's Paradise who is an expert at crafting hunting gear out of animal hides! 

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