Friday, August 12, 2011


The newest quest in the Chapter One finale is live! Fight off the darkness monsters that are attacking the mages and gnomes trying to light Falconreach! There's also a poor, tired Fairy who needs a little encouragement, so make sure to giver her a hand....

The Super Ultra Mega Darkness Dracolich continues to grow though. How will you stop this massive enemy? With the Ultimate Orb inside of it... who knows what this monster can do? Whos knows what the power of the Orb will let it contain?

Stoneheart Fall
The third random quest, Encampment, is now available through True Mortal! Just who are these incubators working for?

Sidhe Wings
True Mortal also has a new shop full of beautiful Sidhe Wings. Each wing set is 200 DC and you can upgrade it to the next level tier with 15 Ignis Gems. If you don't feel like collecting the gems, you can just sell back your old ones and buy the next tier.

Enjoy and Battleon!

Tags: #geopetal