Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth and Entropy

Chasing after the broken halves of the Earth Orb... betrayed by one of your own party members... then chasing after him, while a dragon overtaken by En and Tropy follows closely after the Orb as well... This week we get to see DragonFable first ever double titan fight! When you're caught between the weilder of the Earth Orb and the decaying hulk of the Entropic Gorgok will you prevail... or will you be crushed?

A special shop of simple, recycled weapons is also in town this weekend for Earth Day 2011! These metal weapons are fully recycled! ;)

Happy Grenwong!
There will be a special Grenwog shop this Sunday. Ghost has created a new Grenwog Cave house and egg clutch to decorate it with! Tomix also supposidly has something up his sleeve to help celebrate.

Tags: #geopetal