Thursday, June 3, 2010

A whole MONTH of DragonFable's birthday

That's right, it's GOOD to be a DragonLord!
DragonFable officially released on June 9th, 2006. That's almost FOUR years ago, and what a crazy four years it's been! Full of dragons, magic, dragons, enemies, dragons, titan fights, dragons, orbs, dragons, cliffhanger endings... (are you picking up on a theme here?)

Dragons! DragonFable is all about dragons! And if you think that there haven't been ENOUGH dragons in DragonFable lately, just you wait until this Summer's storylines start. We're exploring the story of DragonsGrasp as well as Nythera's quest to regain her Dragon magic while helping the Void dragons!

In yesterday's Design Notes we asked you what you'd like for this year's birthday present. Whoooo boy, did you guys come up with a TON of ideas! So many great ideas, in fact, that we couldn't decide!

We were going to run a footrace and the winner would get to pick which idea to do, but there was a huge thunderstorm outside, so we couldn't do that. Then we were going to have the members of the DF team each try to pick the number Galanoth was thinking of and THAT winner would decide what the gift was. That didn't work either, because Galanoth's number was "Dragon." So no one got that right.

Then we decided that the BEST way to pick would be for everyone to battle to the pain over the last container of Cysero's yogurt, and the one who got it would get to pick the gift idea. But once all the dust and nerf weapons had settled to the floor, we looked to see who had the yogurt and found Cysero in the corner with an empty yogurt carton!

So geo looked at me, and I looked at Lim, and Lim looked at Rolith, and Rolith looked at Cysero, and Cysero looked at the ficus tree in the corner, and we all simultaneously decided that we'd do FOUR gifts! One each week of June!

  • Week 1: baby-dragon related!
  • Week 2: SURPRISE!
  • Week 3: SURPRISE!
  • Week 4: SURPRISE

We hope that gets YOU excited about being a DragonLord, because we're really excited about the gifts we've picked for you! And if you're not a DragonLord yet, now is the perfect time to become one by upgrading your account!

Let us know what you think of our plans for June! See you on the forums, Twitter, and Facebook!

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