Friday, September 2, 2011

DragonCon Panel

We had a very fun and successful panel this year at DragonCon! Lots and lots of awesome fans showed up!

Panel Fans!

The Panel itself talked about tons of stuff! Everything from AdventureQuest Worlds to Ponies vs. Ponies! Even Voltaire stopped by to play a few songs from Spooky Songs for Creepy Kids!

Cleric, Rolith, Korin, Cysero, Artix, Nythera, Nightwraith, and J6.

Video of the panel should be available sometime next week for those of you curious enough to watch Zazul throw candy at random people for several hours.

The DragonFable portion of the panel consisted of me answering questions about various questions from the audience and then Artix and I posing one huge question to the crows having to do with Chapter 2. Basically.... should we change up the style of DF gaming experience? We have several options that we can explore and we'd like to hear from you!

Poll - OMG Chapter 2!

  • Continue the game in single player format, as is.
  • Use the AQW engine to make DF into an mmo, but using the current style of storyline and changing combat system to be more like the current DF style.
  • Render out the game into 3D with a new engine.
  • Smash DF and MQ together into a DragonMech single player world.
  • Smash DF and MQ together into a DragonMech mmo world (using the AQW DFified engine).
  • Try to ultilize an EpicDuel style engine to for battles and PvP (player suggestion during panel!)

Let us know what you think! (and hopefully someone can make this into a real poll in the DFGD!)