Friday, August 14, 2015

Dracolich Fishing

The Friday the 13th releases seemed to be fraught with misfortune! We need a little more time to get some polish on the scrying runes but the main quest will be available tomorrow!

In the meantime, Dracolich Fishing is now live in Book 1 for those of you far enough along in the storyline! This was meant as an alternative for those of you who didn't want to risk the dangers of scrying... but, the good news is I've been wondering what severals years of decaying darkness would do to the denizens of the Bay... and it's not pretty. I'm going to push to try and get Book 3 Dracolich Fishing ready for you guys for tomorrow too so that those that don't want to scry can fish up some... unappetizing alternatives.

Tags: #geopetal