Friday, September 11, 2015

Doom Arrives

Greetings! Doom has finally arrived and it's time to see what you all think of it!

First, the Doomcrawler from the T.A. Side Challenge at the Book 1 Necropolis has had a new section added. This is an all new setup of challenege mode fights that should put any class through its paces. The higher up on the list the more difficult it WILL get, but each "section" has its own rewards. You can tell which is which because they're grouped by two's. There's a total of 4 shops and each shop has something in it for all the different base classes.

If you like the original Crawler, don't worry! I left that one in so you can always attempt battles against it. Now though you have a true test of the revamped classes that will hopefully keep a few of you occupied for a while. I'm working on something else for the Crawler but it's not really ready yet so this will have to do for now.

Next we have the long awaited DoomKnight revamp. You'll find the skills are quite a bit different so please use the class in all sorts of situations and see how it works. You can't just Life Carve everything anymore, but all your skills now have a use and they all do something interesting!

Please keep all feedback and testing discusion in the appropriate thread. It's located here, CLICK ME! Once you've used the class in game some you can see the stats for it in that thread and figure out more combos, but I really want you to base any feedback off what you can do IN GAME. I can't stress that enough.

For a quick breakdown though I'll give you all this. The main focus of the class is the Corruption skill. It will alter how quite a few of your other skills work AND it provides a nice bonus against all types of enemies. This is primarially how you'll deal with bosses, as most normal mobs won't last outside of Spikes and/or Blood Rite, and will cause you to alter your playstyle some based on what it has done to your foe. Ideally most boss fights should start with you seeing what the enemy type is, considering what skills you have, how they'll be affected by corruption, and how you want to fight the boss. If you don't want to plan your battles out, you don't HAVE to, you still can skill spam and will do just fine, but for those that like planning out how your battles need to go to win the fastest or with the least damage taken, or how best to get around a bosses mechanics, this skill set will give you everything you need.

I hope you enjoy it! Verly is almost done with the bug fixes to Ranger so you should see that and its items live soon!