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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The story continues!

Midnight Bandits

By now, many of you have probably found the 4th part of the Dirk & Rat story.. and for those that haven't, I won't spoil it*.  Well, a while ago we held a contest where you guys could suggest shenanigans for these two to get into as they travel Lore in search of fame, fortune, and romance... and I am happy to announce that Pokepwner has earned bragging rights and some dragon coins!  His idea was hilarious and the cutscene turned out really funny, and who knows what will happen to Dirk and Rat as they try out their plan. So hats off to you, Pokepwner!  Who's idea will be next? *grin*

...but you might want to search a certain recently-updated town. That's all you're getting though!

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