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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A colorful Sneak Peek at the release!

What's red and green and very, very evil?

The Resident Sneevil- Code: SALL-IE release this week!  The Red Queen's programming has evolved beyond even what the genious CEO of the Parasol Corporation could have imagined... Log in this weekend to find out exactly what she has in store!

We've got some VERY green, VERY awesome rewards for the Resident Sneevil release this week, too!  Here's a peek at them courtesy of True Mortal:


What's green-not-orange or orange-not-green?

Your hero as they make up their mind on preferring Science or Magic in The Clashening's finale!  Of course, there COULD be a third option... but Lim wouldn't stand for that, would he?  Help save the future of the past of the present in "CyseRedux," this week's Clashening finale!

And we ALSO have some awesome rewards for THIS release, too!  Tomix and Lim each took a share of the work to provide you with some nifty new helms and an Energy weapon set!

The helms are like SO, being hairstyle-helms (including Lim's beard!) with some sweet stats:

And, as for the weapon-set, Flash is cranky and won't let me preview it for you.  /kickFlash So I'll just tease you with a description!  The art for the weapon-set is based off the look of the Technomancer armor.  There's a staff, hammer, and daggers and they look PRETTY SWEET!

What is brown and brown and brown and gooey?

S'mores!  Let me tell you, a GREAT way to celebrate Tuesday (or Monday, or Sunday, or really any day of the week) is to pull out the grill with your family and make delicious, ooey-gooey s'mores just for fun! 

Of course, if you prefer healthier grilled desserts, skewering pineapple chunks and then grilling those until they're carmelized and brown is a GREAT way to have a healthy snack with ALL the flavor of candy!  Mmm mmm grill marks.

Summer might be done, but there's still time to get outside and enjoy the sun and any lingering heat from last season! 

Enjoy speculating about this week's release! See you Friday!