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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Code Monkey Got Up, Got Coffee

It's been a while, Wait, Really? JULY?  Wow, I'm sorry guys.

So where have I been?  Here!  Working!  Over the past few months, I've coded a new class, a bunch of new monsters, and a handful of new quest features, most of which involve making it easier to do things that we've had to avoid doing because they're so time intensive.  I've also been working on my own game.

Some of you've heard about PonyVsPony but I figgured I'd share a link for those of you who haven't.  It's a fun, addictive little puzzle game which was released at DragonCon this year and have been improving ever since.  I'm still working on making it as awesome as possible inbetween my various other projects here at Artix Entertainment. Be sure to check it out!  It features the awesome art stylings of Jemini and Yergen from the MechQuest and HeroSmash team.  Pony On!

But you guys are here for DragonFable news!  I've started working on playing through the entirty of DragonFable, all the while I've been making notes and marking down bugs to add to my todo list.  This project's a LONG term one, as DragonFable is a LONG game (3 hours in and I'm not done everything there is to do in Oaklore)  but it's already bearing fruit.  This week, i'm going to work on some of the Oaklore bugs I've found as well as changing Falconreach to make one of your favorite stories easier to find. 

I'm also returning to the Player Created Content System that has been left to sit idle for too long.  Once I get back up to speed on that project I'll post a nice long design notes about how it's going to change moving forward, because I've got some big ideas!

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