Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chapter 3 - The End of Magic!

The end of Chapter 2 will see the beginning of the rise of The Rose. In the years* between the Chapter 2 finale and the beginning of Chapter 3, the face of Lore has changed. Some towns have fallen, new camps and towns have risen and Falconreach is waaaaay more crowded. A new kind of monster hunts in the woods... and they're hunting you and your dragon!

This means we'll have an entirely new map for one of the September releases! The Chapter 1 and 2 versions of Lore will still be available through the Book of Lore but, after creating a new character, you'll have your choice of seeing the original Intro, "A Hero is Bored", or a brand new, Chapter 3 intro (don't worry, you won't have to start a new character to see it)! Then, you'll once again find your way to the first two towns in the Chapter 3 map, Oaklore and Falconreach... but there will have been some changes during the years** you've been gone....

With The Rose gaining traction in Lore, even having the support of Alteon, which of your old friends (and enemies....) have joined its movement?

*Yep, years!
**Yes, still a different timeline than the other games! ;)