Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A new intern, a new challenge, and new release info!

A new intern!

It's Wednesday!  In place of the usual Sneak Peek, we've got some REALLY exciting news!  DragonFable has a new intern, and some of you might know him from the forums.  Welcome True Mortal to the DF team! 

This is True Mortal's version of his character!

We're REALLY excited to welcome him to the team, especially since he'll be working mainly on making player suggestions and, eventually, more house items!  Please congratulate him if you talk to him, because his awesome talent will soon directly benefit YOU!

A new Challenge!

To start his internship off with a bang, we're going to have a 48 Hour Challenge! Much like Lim's 24 Hour Weapon Challenge, this time we're giving you an element and you have to suggest weapons or gear that you think would fit the theme.  True Mortal will make them and they'll release next Friday!

So, what's the theme for THIS challenge?  Light!  It's been a while since we've had some Light weapons and gear, so go all out and show us what you can do! (Note: You do not NEED to submit art along with your suggestion, but it's always appreciated.  If you do, we'll try to stay as close to your idea as possible.)

New Releases!

This week we'll launch the beginning of the Resident Sneevil Mogloween event!  This month-long storyline will take place all over Lore, but mostly in Moonridge.  Can YOU discover what the secret behind the Zards' assault is?  The Zardhunter and Aria need your help, and you're the only hero who can give it!

We'll also have a brand-new cutscene in Ravenloss for you!  Greed, Riadne, and the ChaosWeavers do not get along as well as Greed would hope.  In fact, the friction is heating things up SO much that he might just have to get out of the kitchen all together! But... what will happen to Riadne?!

A thank you!

We'd like to thank ALL of you who play DragonFable and enjoy the stories we tell, but most especially the DragonLords and Dragon Coin purchasers!  Without you guys, DragonFable wouldn't be possible!  We try to give you guys as many bonuses to show how much we appreciate your support as often as we can! 

If YOU would like to receive all the benefits of being a DragonLord, or if you'd like some of the AWESOME gear that Cysero sells in his Dragon Coin shop, then now is a great time to help us out!  You can upgrade your character or entire account here: DragonLord upgrade  Or purchase some Dragon Coins and start outfitting your character with amazing gear here: Dragon Coins

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