Friday, June 5, 2015

Castle Crashers

This week we continue with the Book 3 Amityvale arc!

After running through the Doomwood, searching for Thursday frantically through enemy camps, confronting dangerous foes and, ultimately, going back to Amityvale empty handed... the vampire queen is now summoning you back to her castle at the request of Thursday! What does her Highness have hidden up her elegant sleeve? Why has she kept Thursday hidden? What will you find on the shore of that blood red lake...?

DragonFable Castle Crashers Amityvale Safiria Thursday Raven

New silver weapons can be yours if you survive your meeting....

DragonFable silver arrow rewards

The Drowned Fortress
If you wish to explore the shattered remains of Sepulchure's Flying Fortress you can now access them through the Book 3 Travel Map, just look for the gold in the Bay in the Maguswood! Access to the Drowned Fortress will be coming to Book 3 Falconreach in the next few weeks as well.