Monday, April 18, 2011

Catching Cards and Ravens!

The AQW Anything-Goes BattleOn Battle Card Game is now available at Toys-R-Us for our players in the United States and HeroMart for our international players! It comes with the incredible CardClasher Class in AQW!


A New Addition to the Team!
Also a warm welcome to Eric Greydawn to the the DF Team! Known better on the forums as Eric Ravenwing, he has agreed to come aboard and intern with us. Everyone on the team is very excited to have him on the team and look forward to his contributions. I, for one, am certain that Eric will be a great asset on the battlefield!

From Eric:
Hi everyone.  Wow.  REALLY excited.  I will continue to help on the field of battle... now both up front and behind the scenes, and if there's one thing an old warmonger like me loves it's wars.  Hopefully I can get pretty creative for you in that respect!  I am excited to be joining the team! 

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