Is wearing her bracelet!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A really friendly gift!

We'd all just like to say a BIG thank you to Eonaleth, a big fan of AE's games!  She's been telling us for a while about her awesomely friendly project that she was working on: friendship bracelets for the people in the Secret Underground Lab.

So as we were sitting around eating our Chinese food and listening to the AQW birthday cutscenes (Paul and Storm sound AMAZING!), Zazul came in with a very important envelope.  (We do not often get VIE's with gifts in them.  Usually they contain Very Important Notices from business people. Or there are VUS's. Very Unimportant Spam mails.  We just throw those out.)  Zazul handed us the plastic envelopes with THESE in them:

There were a LOT more in the package, but I borrowed the pink one from Beleen and the blue, red, and white one from Ai No Miko for the picture.  The blue and green one is mine.

We all just wanted to say THANK YOU! to Eonaleth for her very sweet and very thoughtful gift!  You rock!

And don't forget, in addition to Resident Sneevil: Genesis this week, we'll be having the next Clashening quest!  SOMEhow Lim's very elaborate demonstration of velocity gets spoiled.  3 guesses how THAT happens!  But there WILL be a mechanical rabbit AND a mail carrier turtle, which begs the question: which team will YOU be on?  Team Rabbit, or Team Turtle? (look for pictures of Cysero's turtle and the Rabbitizer 6000 Mach 2 to come later!)