Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Birthdays are interesting. 

So, Alina’s birthday is today.  Happy Birthday!  She certainly deserves some well wishes on the forums.  The Birthday hat in the hair shop’s been updated. Rejoice.  Or else.

To celebrate, and to get into the festive spirit of Mogloween, we carved some pumpkins over the weekend, as those of you who follow our Twitters know.   Here are the results:

Alina’s Scaredy Kitty-Vampire, and my Derpkin.  I’m a little biased, but derpkin has won a special place in my heart.  All and all, I like to think of October as my own personal party SEASON.  Once one event is over, my birthday, it’s time to start celebrating something else, Alina’s then before you know it, it’s Mogloween, and time to hand out candy!  The trick Is to not think of any event as a single day, and enjoy the entire week of the holiday!  And eat the candy and cake leftovers.  Lots of leftovers. *crosses fingers* So, Happy birthday Alina!

Oh, and speaking of pumkin carving, check out the AQW Pumkin Carving Contest for all of you who play our wildly popular MMO, or just like to be creative!

It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me hasn’t it? Well, things have been busy here at the underground lab and I’ve been moving around from project to project.  Zardbie armor, mostly coded  by Khelios, took up a large portion of my time last week, along with secret projects galore, and some much needed bug fixes. 

But this war’s why I’ve decided to make this post (besides the birthday wishes).  The War’s progression is all well and good, I’m happy for you, and I’m going to let you finish, but Zardbie Infections are the best infections of all time.

…Am I out of date in Memetime?

But, since the Zardbies are being so profoundly defeated, I’ve recently laced up my… … plate armor?  And joined the fray, so you uninfecteds?  Watch out!  And you who are fighting for the Z-Virus spread, let us go forth and spread the infection to all corners of LORE!

Stay tuned to later this week, Zardbies might get a new way to help the cause of the pandemic!

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