Monday, January 12, 2015

Big news!

Hey guys!

Firstly, I've prepared the Avatar of Time concept art for you.

As you can see, it'll be a floating class, but I'll make sure to have it not cause issues in cutscenes.

As you also may have noticed, it's not very "time-y". I went with a more "ancient deity of time" concept.

Think nazcan/aztec/mayan culture.

And yes, it has horns. I had to stick to this year's design of "dragon" classes, and I thought putting horns on a humanoid figure, as well as wings, would suffice.


And secondly, please welcome Ragsrun (previously Tybira), a new DragonFable artist!

She's already been given 365924 long term projects and about 900 items to make, like, TODAY... so she's very happy to be working with us!