Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bad News, Good News and Great News

The bad news is, we soooo ran out of time this week! (Also, chronomancer is not cooporating with the new boss! D: You'll get funny screenies until it's fixed though!)

The good news is, the world is still here, so you still get a second quest this week!

The great news is, there is still more to come from FrostVayle after this quest! 

Will the Necromancer of SiOO help you find Vayle? What is Pallor up to? Can you save the moglins and get them back into their true forms? 

Did anyone get my SiOO joke? Ahh, geology humor...

Dracelix is working on your presents this year and he's already made some aaaamazing stuff! The gifts will open, as usual, on January 1st! The drop you get from this quest will let you upgrade your presents as well... but you gotta save the moglins first!

Also, huuuuuge thank you to Tomix who created the boss, Oishii who added some animations,  erlyrus who helped make the boss work and all the mods and AKs who helped test the quest!