Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Word from the Kensai

From the Kensais cave:

Deep within the drifting sands of the Sandsea, many miles from anything, a single pyramid reaches for the sky. This silent building is the lone remainder of a once thriving population. There, in that hidden valley, Ahmet Ptah has stood watch over the gate that is a part of the complex system that held Isathaara in check. To find this pyramid one must journey beyond the place where even one’s echo cannot find you. Here, above this blanket of sands, beneath a mantle of stars, there is little to lend urgency to the senses. Perhaps it is this which results in such expansive thoughts as those of Ahmet Ptah. Gazing into the stars and listening to the soft whisper of the desert sands, he reads the future and the past, using all the skills he gained so very long ago. You must travel through labyrinthine depths of the pyramid seeking the way to the gate, and to Ahmet Ptah… after all, it is written that a hero will come.

It’s been a while in coming, but soon you will be making your way to the next of the gates. Perhaps finally you can get a few more answers. But be ready… Ahmet Ptah intends to test your reasoning skills and your commitment. True Mortal has bent his amazing talent to the task, creating lovely artwork. He’s also created some masks and a set of wings for you, Cronix has crafted an exquisite weapon set, and of course the ever incomparable Tomix has made the cutscenes.

And now, on to a bit more: True Mortal has been debating making a Sandsea themed Palace style house. Since he’s undecided, we’ve decided to allow YOU to make up his mind for him, so I’ll be putting up a poll to allow you to decide!