Monday, April 4, 2011

A Rocky Saga

Happy April!
We started this month off with a bang! Well... with a carnivorius ficus at least! Town has been cleaned up slightly for today, but the shops will be disappearing tonight. The Titan Chickencow will be a permanent addition to Cysero's quests though and the Zurvana Set may be able to be found sometime in the future... (/cough Friday) if you look hard enough.... (Though it's location would most definately be a spoiler if you found it.)

This Week's Release!
This week we will be jumping back into the Earth Orb saga and we'll be answering a few questions about the mysterious girl who found the Nature Half as well. How did Fae find the Nature half? When did she find it? Just how old is she?

AQW Card Game!
The new Adventure Quest Worlds card game will be at Toys-R-Us on April 18th! Check out the official card game website for videos on how to play and a sneak peek at the exclusive Card Clasher class (it's an insanely awesome class made by Minimal) that comes with the game.

Tags: #geopetal