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Friday, April 15, 2011

The 8th Orb is in Play!

Aww, I miss that webcomic (Inktank).  Anyhoo, we've got a rockin' release for you guys
tonight!  Trey Surehunter is unleashing the power of the Blade of Awe and the Earth
Orb together to search out all those treasure he's been meaning to find over the years,
and he will crush anyone who dares to stand in his way!  With all the artifacts he is
acquiring, Trey is steadily growing in power. It's time to end this!  * But… you are not
the only ones trying to find him.  The Entropy dragon, under the command of
Sepulchure is also hot on the trail. It's a race, and you do not want to find out what
happens if you lose. Grab your gear and head to Willowshire!

Also up this week: True Mortal's Fractured weapon set!  Seriously. Get them.

Oh, and there will be a special add-on to one of the walkaround areas connecting the
towns together… A new little area called Stoneheart Fall (not to be confused with
Coldfall Barrens, but watch your step in both places…).  It is a mysterious place filled
with mystery, mist, probably some mystic stuff, and a whole lot of awesome. There isn't
a lot here for you to do yet, but it might grow into something much larger. Stoneheart
Fall is inhabited, sort of, so be on your guard…

*Well, technically you won't be ending the saga this week, but soon you totally will!
And then sentences like that will sound a lot cooler.

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