Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday DragonFable

Celebration AND Color custom evolved DragonLord Armor!!!
Congratulations everyone! Today, the eternal Dragon of time prepares to blow out a special cake with 4 candles** on it for DragonFable. To celebrate, the team will be releasing a gift each week of this month for you. Starting today with Color custom evolved DragonLord! Meanwhile, our epic summer storyline is about to unfold. Whether you started playing at the beginning, or are just joining us now... you are part of something truly special. The first 4 years have been an incredible journey. To everyone who supported the game by helping on the forums, visiting sponsors, or becoming a DragonLord... thank you. Thank you for making DragonFable possible for so many happy players. I would like to recognize the hard working DF team for successfully doing a new release each week... and every week... for 4 years! Great job guys! Please join me in a toast to honor DragonFable's Birthday, all of our fellow players, and the friendly DF team *** and smiles warmly at Geopetal, Alac, Rolith, Lim, Tomix, Ghost, Thyton> ..... BATTLE ON!

Color  Customizable Evolved Dragon Lord Armor
Color custom evolved DragonLord
This upgrade is available for 20K gold through Lady Celestia (Where you train your Dragon)

* Time Travel Faerie says, "Teehee, Missed you... so i've been saving them up!"
** ... what if he has FIRE breath!?!?!? You need to think these things through!
*** Mmmmmm.... chilled Moglinberry juice smoothie with hint of chocolate.

Baloon ChickenCow
Baloon Chickencow sez, "Eat more Bacon!"

Forum Question: What was your favorite DragonFable memory so far?

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