Thursday, October 13, 2011

48 Weeks Later...

This week we're really going to get into what's happening in Moonridge 48 Weeks Later! M.O.P. has commandeered the mansion on the outskirts of Moonridge and is repurposing it for all those displaced by the zard attacks last year. What could possibly go wrong?

We have lots of fun plans for the Mogloween arc this year! Thyton and Ghost are working on two new monsters, one of which we'll see next week, Tomix is making some beautiful backgrounds for Croft*, the Cauldon Sisters home, and True Mortal is working on a ghoulish weapon set for the final week. Tomix and True Mortal are also working on a while new crop of masks. What are you going to disguise yourself as this year?

Candy Buff!
The amount of candy you can get from houses from the 2010 Trick or Treating has been buffed! That buff will carry through to this years masks as well.

*Yes, there is a reason is has a different name... ;)